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Dan Panorama


Conference site, beachfront


Hotel Savoy


0.8 km

Mercure Tel-Aviv


1.1 km

Sun Aviv Hotel


0.6 km


Sun Hotel


0.9 km




For Dan Panorama, please send your reservation request to to receive a special conference rate.

Shellach Sales Manager

Dan Panorama Tel Aviv

Mobile: +972528444922

Tel: +97235190154


For Hotel Savoy and Mercure Tele Aviv, contact the hotel directly for a special conference rate, indicating “The Israeli Conference on Robotics”

Corporate Sales Representative


Mobile: 972-52-7957907

Tel: 972-3-6288892

For Sun Aviv Hotel and Sun Hotel, make reservations directly with the hotel.  



From Ben Gurion Airport to your hotel in Tel Aviv:  the best form of travel is by taxi.  The taxi station is located next to exit gate 3 on Level G of Terminal 3 (the terminal you will likely arrive at).  Follow the signs after exiting customs.

To get a taxi, wait in line until reaching the dispatcher who will refer you to your taxicab.  You will receive a piece of paper with the details of the taxi driver.  Keep it in case you will need to contact him after your journey or file a complaint.  Do not give it to the driver.  He doesn’t need it.  You may choose to use the meter or agree to pay a fixed fare which is mandated by the ministry of transportation.   The fare to Tel Aviv is (in Israeli Shekels):







Negotiate the form of charge and fare before you leave the airport.  If you suspect anything, call the dispatcher. 

More details about transportation to and from the airport: Guidelines for Taxi Passengers page of the Israeli Airport Authorities website.